Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hello February!

Hiya peeps! They say that time flies when you are having fun....I guess that is what I am going through now....it felt like yesterday that we hopped into 2014, and now we are in the last week of January already! What scares me is that I haven't written my goals properly for this year, erk! So...I might just drift into an auto doing mode....

...there are many things that I wanted to achieve, one of them is to add value to people's lives....how I do that is by having regular baking classes, now.....and what do you know?! I see many have took off with a very rewarding part time cake business and for those who bake full time, their business have increased! I am very happy for them! On my part I really have to come out with new recipes.

January has been a very busy month for us.....Ibraheem is now in secondary school, Yusof sat for his O Levels exams, Khadijah is in her last A levels semester, Hajar in standard one, Muhammad has enrolled playschool and Umar will be sitting for his primary 6 exams soon!

....and my caking business has never been busier! Syukur! Even though think I need to do some adjustments here and there to cope with the orders.....I also realise that I have been doing more cakes for weddings lately! I won't complain as it sheer joy to be part of their special day even though in a very small, small way indeed! I am happy to announce that we are booked till March!

...alright i have to pen off, I have to rise early and tomorrow and the rest of the week would be a long busy one as I have a few projects in hand....to bring joy to others on their special day! Good night!


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Ribbon and Circus said...

I can feel your joy in doing this K yani..Keep the passion up and bring it on 2014!

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