Friday, 17 January 2014

Swinging into 2014!

Hiya peeps! I have been away from this blog way too long that I don't know where to begin! It has been almost 7 months since I left full time employment, I don't miss it a bit except the friendship and companionship of my colleagues! But I do pop by Menara every once in a while for coffee or lunch....

I think I am getting into the rhythm of my new life now...yeah only now, but slowly... from when I started baking full time, I have progressed to having my own studio. It was not in the plan, however, my house was slowly turning into a mini bakeshop so much so that I had to look for a new hideout!

...but I must say that the opportunities that came after I left my job has been abundance, alhamdulillah....well sure there were cakes not collected, or cakes consumed unpaid! Hehe, think that is part and parcel of business, you win some you lose some....I had 2 slices of cakes for dinner just now from an order that was not collected!

So, okay, what do I want to do in 2014!? Bake more cakes for sure and to be able to support the kids private education, that is is foremost important....I was supposed to give a new outlook on the cakes, which idea I have in mind but acting on it is another story....I wish to do more fondant cakes this year...yeah I will be joining a few other cake artists for a Couture Wedding Cake Class with Lori The Caketress in March in Jakarta....super excited about that...I can see doing more sugar flowers after this (really need to speed up with my roses...err I only love making peonies and orchids hehe).

I have to resume my mengaji classes that I have abandoned since Syawal last year, boo me for failing in this department....but I try to do my tahajjud every now and then, and having super powers after performing those solats, I don't kid you!   

I wish to try more recipes and share them here or in classes, as I feel big if I could make other people's life better! That aside, I have made so many new friends and been surprised by my customers ... a few were the whose who in the legal fraternity ant there have been occasions where polis mahkamah popped by my collect cakes hehe..

I have been honoured too to make a cake and some macarons as door gifts for one of the nation's most respected veteran politician and father....all this opportunities wouldn't come by if I were working then.....of course, I had to laugh out loud when no monies, yup absolutely no monies trickled in when I took a break and went to Kuching! Haha, the realities of working your own business, no sales means no business no business means no money! But alhamdulillah, things are moving fine now...and I haven't checked what's the bonus from ASB yet...wink wink!

Okay....I have to go...actually I have a few cakes to bake now and prepare for my macaron class tomorrow, instead of updating my blog...err I also have some messages to reply....sabar ye my dear customers:p (I also have this pictures of chocolate pie flashing in my head, oooh....)

Enjoy this video that is a continuation of Anuar Zin's Ajari Aku video ..... good nite peeps, take care!

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