Sunday, 28 June 2009

St Nicks Mini Reunion Part 2

Moi, Elina, Serena, Ayu Ting Ting and Poh Poh
Poh Poh, Ting Ting, Elina and Serena
Poh and Ting Serena full of expression!
Pueh Fong and Poh
Elina and Poh, they never grew and looked like Form 4 students, just like I remember them to be!!
I had earlier posted a blog on my childhood friends....well I have many other childhood friends, but somehow these gorgeous people are the ones that are constantly on my mind...I didn't spend time from kindy with them, only to know most them when I moved to St Nicks in Alor Setar in 1978 and left for boarding school in 1984. But then all the things that we did....ah well, there were loads of fun that they went through but I decided not to join them then, as I was more a serious person then...only to regret, now that we have met again, thanks to Sham and FB, I can only smile and enjoy those childhood stories especially what we did in school!!!
For this meet, Elina and I decided to take the day off. Chan Poh Poh, the brialliantest, cleverest amongst us, came back for a short holiday from Singapore. I can never forget this cili padi Poh Poh, we got staright A's for our SRP during our days, and our stories were covered in Utusan Malaysia, woo hoo...first and last time I masuk surat khabar. After that Poh Poh got Asian Scholarship and went to Singapore to further her studies and I went to SM Sains Perglih...yang forever tak dak ayaq!!! Now, Poh Poh teaches O Levels Bialogy, a subject that she detests in school, ha ha!!! Moi! You know what I like to do nowadays, he he!
After our lunch at the Curve, Elina and I decided to walk together to our cars, well, she had to hold my hands and I was having excruciating back pain, but when we saw Borders/Starbucks...we decided to stop for coffee and continued chatting, until we realise that I was almost 5 pm!! We talked about how what we dreamt of and self appraise actually became reality.....she wanted to work in huge departmental store like the series that she followed on tv when she was young, now Elina is a buyer for Eraman, a job I would trade for anytime!! And me, loved watching Little House On The Prairie and Eight Is Enough, hence, my career as a fulltime mom in mind and working part-time during the day, ha ha!!!
The next St Nicks' meet is scheduled to be in December, think we'll have a grand one this time as Naz and Vicky will back for their holidays, I can't wait, I can't wait!!! Love you girls, xox!!!


Naz in Norway said...

Lovely pics, Yani. How I miss you guys! But hey it is already July soon and before you know it, ta daa!!!!

I think after more than 20 years, we have all reconnected on slightly different levels too as all of us are now wives, mothers and career women. Personally I feel that we are closer today than we were then. I am certainly counting my blessings for having all of you in my life again :)

I look forward to meeting up as often as we can but for now, I'm making do with this and catching up on FB.
Take care, Yani. Take care, All!

ummisara said...


wahhh must be a happening gathering walaupun beberapa org jer...semuanya ayu-2

cant wait for my convent sp reunion this coming september... :)

KG said...

naz, edelweiss,

yalah we are taking this friendhip to a new level!!

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