Monday, 1 June 2009

Still Got The Blues For You.....

I told you I was very busy last week...thank god the office was quite in I'm still waiting for certain approvals before I will proceed to prepare documents....!! So, that allowed me to focus on my baking!!!
After weeks doing vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with buttercream topping...think am pretty much cool about getting those orders, only to panic when the orders came in more than 50 pieces!! And now that am getting the assistance from Ms hands don't hurt so much....Bad kept on reminding me that I should let the handheld mixer's vibrations injure my lah pak doktor!! Anyway, doing the icing in huge batches...pun strain my hands!!
That is buttercream icing...with fondant pulak, it's less messy, but boy the kneading and colouring to get the right consistency......think soon, I have to let an ortho see my hands!
Anyway, for the love of fondant and cakes and the happy faces when I deliver all these little cups of happiness...I will persevere.....
And, that brings me to my first order for an engagement fondant cupcakes.....satu minggu I susah hati, wondered if it would be turned out okay or would it be rejected....hmm, ever since Zira ordered my vanilla cuppies for tea on one Saturday...she has been my regular pemakan cakes and brownies, etc!! She wanted something in blue and silver.....I pulak am not a person of many the end I decided to put a dash of ivory to add some contrast...and I so lurve the silver lustre that I dusted on the here's the result!!Pictures taken in morning light in my "kew gardens" in my kitchen...following the advice of dear Chut Breakaway... Zira also ordered 30 extra vanilla cuppies for them to enjoy with family and to give some to the pengantin belah lelaki! I made the above cuppies and topped with my favourite colours lilac and baby pink daisy cut outs and of course my pearl beads.....if you ransack my cupboard, you'll find bajus and tudungs in hues of lilac and baby pink....and of course my universal and grey! Thank you so much Zira for the order, you guys enjoy the photo...and this song!xoxo


MrsNordin said...

Beautiful, as always...

anedra said...

yani - your blog is not good for those on diet! hahaha. cantiknya your cuppies!

Anonymous said...

Soothing choice of colurs Yanie. Love them all.

Ok tadi tak der credit nak balas sms you.

Yes boleh guna cmc. 1 tablespoon to 200gm to 250 gm of of fondant.

By the way the vanilla cupcakes resepi mana? I am trying a few vanilla recipes now, might want to try yours.

Razlyn ordered? Bukan ke dia dah terror buat cupcakes? fondant lagi!

tireless mom said...

Dear KG

As always, you are such a darling when it comes to baking the cup of happiness.

KG said...


tq...nantui Nadira kahwin i buatkan kek utk dia k!


Tengok je tak pa!


Tq you!


Bila i masak asyik teringat you je...

Cilantro said...


I came cross your blog today. It was interesting reading them. Your cupcakes look beautiful. I love baking cupcakes too. Actual I am an amateur baker. Could you advise me where you went for all the cake decorating classes? I would like to go for some classes too. I am leaving in Klang.

Keep up the good work and keep rocking.

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