Thursday, 9 July 2009

And the figurine patah kaki!!!!!

Phew...I almost nak terberanak the morning this cakes were to be delivered......why?? Due to stress as the kakis of the figurine patahhhh!!! I had no time to repair them as I was already leaving for, I quickly called Ria explaining the whole thing! Ria share the same passion and craziness for tudong M'warah as me and now is my constant supplier of those tudongs and Zhara.... nasib baik she was very instead of sitting on a bench, when the cakes were delivered, the figurines feet rested on the bench, ha ha!! This is a first order from Ria, a Father's Day cake for his hubby who's a fan of Kedah FC!

Thanks Ria for this order...emm I have to, no walk.....I hv been beeped by boss who's away, I have to attend a meeting in PJ...tra for now!

1 comment:

fiza said...

Semoga Allah mempermudahkan urusan you & selamat bersalin ya..!All the Best!

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