Friday, 6 May 2011

Bakes and Cakes

It was a rather quiet week last week, and am grateful for that.....the next wave is coming sooon, yes! I'll embrace with open hearts and arms! And now, it's time for thank yous!
Victoria Sandwich Cake wrapped in baby pink hued fondant for a wedding Hantaran (gift). Thank you Kak Ana!
Classic Butter Cake Topped with Buttercream for Saturday tea, thank you Kak Inah!
Traffic Stopping Cake ....Red Velvet Cake coated with luxurious Cream Cheese and Red Velvet crumbs...thank you Sherizat and Amy!
Made several dozens of these macarons....Double Choc (using Valrhona Choc buttons and cocoa powder), Red Velvet, Lavender (using organic dried lavender flowers) with Blueberry Curd filling, Green Tea with Raspberry French Pastry Cream filling, and Lady Grey with Salted Caramel French Pastry Cream filling...thank you Zira, Aisyah and friends!

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