Friday, 6 May 2011

Strawberry Shortbread Tart With Strawberry Toffee Drizzle

Hmmmm...some time last month, I have been approched to show how to make fruit tarts! Me!? Moi!???...hehe...the last time I had attempted to make fruit tarts were about several moons ago...but I obliged the requests of Aina, last Saturday!

I had browsed Dorie's recipe for almost all purposes shortcrust pastry, but I have decided to stick to this one! It is super easy to prepare and the pastry just crumbles in your mouth, literally!....of course, for the filling I had to tweaked and twisted one or two ways, here and drizzling Strawberry Toffee....which actually was a nice complement and cuts the sweetness and made the tart more tarty....hmmm, waht am I rambling now.....whateava!

So, here goes!
Shortbread Tarts
227g butter, I used Tatura salted
72 g icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
210 all purpose flour
30g cornflour
pinch of salt

1.Cream butter and icing sugar until pale. Add vanilla extract, and add sifted all purpose flour and cornflour in 2 or 3 additions. Do not knead (or you'll end up with paratha roti canai dough!) just fold the flours, adding some more corn flour if the dough sticks to your fingers.
2.Then, take a tablespoon scoop of dough and mould into your tart moulds (please make sure that you have greased the moulds first ya!).
3.Bake at 160Celcius for about 20 minutes or until they are golden in colour, let cool, and prepare the filling in the mean time!.

Cream Cheese Filling
250g philly cheese
390g condensed milk...yezza!
80ml lemon juice...I omitted, didn't have any lemons in the kitchen at that time
zest of one lemon

Just blitz cream cheese and condensed milk, and add lemon juice, or vanilla extract like I did!

Sticky Strawberry Toffee Drizzle
3/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp strawberry jelly, I used St Dalfour's
500g strawberries to top the tarts!

On medium heat, caramelise the sugar until amber colour, turn off heat and add the strawberry jelly, let cool before use., once all the tart casings were cooled, just pipe the cream cheese and top off with strawberries and drizzle served chilled...well, mine didn't get to that stage!
Well! ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY! so looking forwrad to this Mother's Day Sunday, that happens to be my birthday still thinking of what to bake for self, haha! Happy weekend peeps! 


Unknown said...

urhhhghhh tergodanya tgk strawberry tuh...ptg ni jgk nk g bli strawberry :)

THE DUO said...

Hi Kak,

kecur air liur tengok tart tu...happy mother's day and happy birthday in advance too....

Suzy + Mika

Tina said...

gorgeous, yani!! here's an early birthday and mother's day wish for you!! enjoy your weekend!

Rima said...

Happy bday babe!!! i dont care if tercepat.. nak ucap jugak hehehe.. bake something nice for urself or just buy fm outside dari bakery yg sedap sedap cos u deserve to be pampered!

LifeBloom said...

Happy Birthday darling KG...may all your wishes come trus and Allah SWT grant you all thats best is iman, taqwa, health & wealth - ameen! Love the tarts - sinful giler!!

KG said...

rina...dah buat ke belum!?

KG said...

suzy & mika....jgn kecur air liur, buat jer...senang sangat!

KG said...

tina...tqs and all the best for the new venture!

KG said...

rima....i gave a feast to my guests...err we are good at tt kan! but of course i loved the pink velvet cake!

KG said...

zura...tqs for lettg me try the durian pancake now sudah tergoda! these tarts and macarons...we'll have a session together gether soon!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this lovely shortbread pastry recipe! I am hopeless with pastry but this was divine and so easy! I cheated a bit by filling the cases with ready made custard and glazed the strawberries with some redcurrant jelly heated in the microwave for a few seconds. Awesome.

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