Monday, 16 May 2011

Happy Teacher's Day!

Blogger went hiatus last week, I couldn't sign in, and hence, I wasn't able to update my blog! It was alright on Saturday, I think, but I was busy with my baking and a bit of cooking, so I wasn't able to put any new updates. And today, while many people take the opportunity to stretch their weekend and take today off, because tomorrow is a public holiday, I'm in the office...but guess what, my LAN line is off, and the mains toi my notebook is also off....I have about 30% power left...might as well update my blog, oh yeah! is Teacher's Day....brought me to the days when I used to be very talkative in class, and was always made to stand up as punishments....Zura, I'm sure you remember this! I did that a lot in primary school, was better in secondary school as I was a school prefect! But, I resumed my "behaviour" when I went to a borading school...this time, I loved to sleep in the class or read a story was my Mills & Boons time then, haha! I can still remember my Modern Maths teacher banging on my desk ...errr I dozed off you see...and he said, "Muka Saja Pandai, Tiap-tiap Hari Tidor!" (read: intelligent looks but sleeping every day!)...ahh, he is soo funny, and yes I got the same result for Modern Maths and Add Maths, when I think I should do better in Modren Maths, right!

And then there was Sister she's a tigress who taught Commerce when I was in St Nicholas Convent...a true nun! I need not say more!...and then there was Pn Raskinah, our Alevel's English teacher, I knew she wore "crossed' bra...well, even the boys noticed that, it was so evident from her daily attires! I confirmed that when I first set foot in Marks & Spencer in Oxford Street....there were such a bra, ha ha...and who can forget Madam Wong our Applied Maths lecturer during was during this time that I really enjoyed learning...ooops.... a bit late ain't it! Yeah, I loved my Alevels' subjects: Economics, Accounting and Maths....

And, with a string of credible results I flew to Aberystwyth....the oh so conducive place to just relax and have an ice cream while strolling on the beach! My "teacher" then, was Prof John Andrews who was the Head of the Legal department who also lectured Criminal Law, Company Law and English Legal System...he was also my mentor! Of course I will always remember the day before I started my final year, when I was summoned to see him....his advice "Yani, you are a goverment scholar, please go home with Aces"....well...I did! I actually became a good girl and pulled my socks and studied and came back  with an honours degree...phewww!

Life goes life now is my teacher! I learn so much from my daily take ins....I have met great people whom I look up to, who are my mentors now...I don't have to name them...and of course, I have become more sensible and I read now...I mean I read real more Mills & Boons...the authors are the likes Peter Druckers, John Maxwell, and I so love Richard Branson's lifes I ramble more and my battery is at critical now...Happy Teacher's Day to all my teachers, I wouldn't be here had you not been there for me!

Here are the bakes and cakes of  last week...
Red Velvet Cake and Cuppies...thank you Hezzie, BJ!
Nizzar's Ultraman Cake...Double Choc Cake with Choc Ganache, tqs BJ! 
Macarons (Orange with Lemon Curd, Rose with Raspberry, Hazelnut with Chcocolate..all using Italian Meringue Buttercream, shells were using French Meringue!) and a Marble Nutella Cake, thank you Ann!
Pink Velvet Cake (Hubs' current favourite) and a hundred of them cuppies for the Principal! tqs Emylia! 
Aisyah and her macarons! Probably the last batch before I convert to Italian Meringue...Thank you Aisyah! 
Chocolate Macarons with Chocolate Ganache using Valrhona cocoa, tqs Ain!
Double Choc Cake with Choc Ganache, thank you Farah!

Have a productive week, peeps! Am having a rather quiet week this week, but am preparing for a storm next week :D


Jill Colonna said...

What gorgeous looking bakes! Great way to end Teachers' Day. Beautiful, colourful macarons, too. Beauties!

KG said...

oh jill...coming from you, hav made me landed on cloud 10 (another level that i created!) tq!

tireless mom said...

I would love ber-teacher with you. Especially for baking lessons, tapi bila ye :))

Unknown said...

Happy Holiday Kak :)

Mind sharing me ur ganache recipe?

Anonymous said...

YOur photography is getting better and better. Especially lawa bila the subjects are macarons.

INTAN said...

Salam KG,
Looking nice your pict..wish to bake RV coz it looks so yummy n pretty, but to b honest, hvnt tried any RV before..hehe

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