Friday, 11 March 2011

Bakes and Cakes

I was on leave smell the roses! I have been very busy, but I thought I needed a breather before this madness (good madness, though!), yesterday I had my leisurely breakfast at Thurkah's before I continued making Macaron shells to deliver on Saturday....and dropped by Sri Munawwarah for Khadijah's preparation for Umrah next week. Of course I grabbed a few head covers for myself...been a long time since I last visited Munawwarah....

And so, here are the bakes and cakes for this week....I have not been able to put the rest previously as I had misplaced my memory card....but I will put them pictures later next week when I sort all this out :p
Almond Macarons with Lemon Curd and Hazelnut Macarons with Strawberry French Pastry Cream for a Hantaran (engagement gift), thank you Aina!
A simple white fondant cake with violet roses for Wedding Hantaran (wedding gift), thank you Idrina! A lot of people asked me if I made my own fondant.....yes I do, it's one of the things that I learnt from my sugarpaste sifu Wiz! 

I hope for a quieter weekend this week, but we'll see, have a nice weekend peeps!


Wiz said...

No matter how many orders overwhelm you, fondant must be homemade. Itu adalah pesan nenek kereput yg terbongkok2 yg masih membuat fondantnya sendiri walaupun kadangkal terpanggil juga untuk membeli shj fondant tersebut. heeeeeeeeeeee

KG said...

wiz....yes, sampai dah bermuscle tgn i dok uli fondant tu, tapi the store bought tak suka eh!

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