Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Triple Cocoa Caramel Cake

This was a very last minute order...from non other than my all time favourite Ms Peens...Vida, the soft spoken , demure...almost Audrey Hepburn in this era....she called me on Wednesday, wanting a Chugginton cake for his son's birthday do on edible image was too short a notice to order.....a 3D train fondant hands are just too full with Macarons and Red Velvet cakes to we decided that we took Kiran's toy trains (Chugginton's)...and tra....this was the result!.....

....and the cake...I decided on this Triple Cocoa (without) Caramel cake, I had baked this earlier for my nephew's birthday (photos later)...and the cake was gone instantly...well almost, after it was cut! And the reason why I didn't use homemade caramel...simple....I was really in the nick of time, so I turned to Smucker's Caramel sauce....but the outcome of the cake was to brag the whole entire week...hehe....

Thanks Rima for putting this wonderful recipe...yeah Rima, my other half cacing kepanasan....we just couldn't sit still or we'd catch the temperature.....
10 eggs
150g sugar
1 tbsp emulsifier
140g flour
60g cocoa powder
80g dark chocolate
100g butter- melted, I used Tatura...always!

1.Preheat oven at 170C. Prepare 2 cake tins, I used 7x10 cake tins.
2.Melt butter, add in cooking chocolate, stir until both butter and chocolate are melted, let cool, set aside.
3.Whisk eggs and sugar until pale and fluffy, should leave a trail on the whisk.
4.Add emulsifier.
5.Add in sifted flour and cocoa powder into egg sugar emulsifier mixture, mix well.
6.Lastly add in the melted butter cocoa mix, and mix well.
7.Divide the batter into the 2 cake tins, bake for about 30 minutes. While waiting for the cake to cook and cool, prepare the ganache and caramel...well I dodged this...clever me!

Choc Ganache
250m whipping  cream, or double cream, I used double cream with 30% fat content.holalala...
250g dark chocolate
30g butter

1.Using double boil method, heat the cream until bubbly, and add in chopped dark chocolate. Turn off heat and stir until both chcocolate and cream are well combined.
2.Cover with a cling wrap, and chill in the fridge for about an hour so the mixture thickens.

Caramel Syrup....or if you are clever (to take short-cuts muawahaha....use Smuckers caramel sauce!)
50g sugar
25ml water
50 ml water 

1.Heat sugar with 25ml water to caramelise it.
2.Add 50ml water to dilute the caramel and turn it into sauce. Let cool!
To assemble the cake
I removed the cakes from the cake tins, and spread caramel sauce in between and sandwich one on top of the other. Then, I spread the ganache all over the cake, before finishing with the tpys, marsmallows.....

hmmm.....I know with all this, making this cake could be daunting....but trust me you just have to study (hehe) the ingredients and do the steps one by one and you'll get a lovely very moist and chcocolatey cake! Voila! Thanks Vida for this order!


Emma said...

1 question kak, mana u cari smuckers caramel? i selalu jumpa jelly tu..

Shahieda said...

Emulsifier??? Can substitute with oil??

Wiz said...

Oh Yani, my recipes have always been the opposite, with less eggs or none at all! hehehe I have nothing against eggs but I need em for my kari telur and my sambal telur. Kids and hubs fav.

Wiz said...

Yani!!!! I got the green light to go do macs at your house. Bila nak bayar? And disco dust tu kan, dah habis la. Yg ada kaler bronze and some other weird colours.

Rima said...

Hehehe.. ni cacing kepanasan tengah macam cacing right now.. so little time soo many stuff to prepare.. macs done.. cookies and kek lapis all done.. if sempat tmrw nak bake a few other cake and also nak kena pi pasar and prepare the bbq stuff.. nak continue kemas rumah lagi cos ade inspector nak datang this weekend hahahha.. sat nak prepare kek si sonia.. adehhh macam cacing kepanasan betul lah right now hahaha

Sedap kan TCCC.. i think i will go out and look for smuckers tmrw. if tak dapat i will use dulce de leche lah cos i hv 4 bottles that was given by my hb's argentinian supplier.. :o)

KG said...

emma, smuckers caramel sauce tu i found in cold storage.

KG said...

shaheida, emulsifier is a stabiliser, also called ovalette...goole up see if you can find a substitute.

KG said... too loves sambal telorq....tapi anak anak i tak suka!...yeay for macs get together, i nak pi cari quinoa!

KG said... jgn ngelat pakai smuckers caramel sauce tau!

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