Friday, 4 March 2011

Make Delicious Macarons At Home...Yourself!!

Yes! Let's all make Macarons at home ourselves...I can assure you they are delicious (maybe even better than those that you get from your favourite bakeshop!), and you could choose the endless (almost) possibilities of  the flavours (well! after you attended this class that is!) and fillings! I am not a professional baker or cook, but I think I can sail you through this ....tee hee...

So, come join me on a hand's on tutorial (read : I'll instruct and you follow, hehe!), details as follows:

Date :  3.4.2011
Time:  10.00 am until 1.00 pm (approximately...if it rains, we would all be doomed as we would be challenged to dry the shells!...but anyway......)
Venue: My humble kitchen with loads of nooks and croonies here and there and 6 children playing around, too!
Fees: RM120, and you take home your produce! I will also show you how to make Swiss Meringue Buttercream!
Please email me at !

Tq peeps! Have a brilliant weekend...I will as I am finishing my orders for this week tonight before starting those next week on Monday! Smile smile smile........


Hmmm...about the tutorial above, here's the wonderful peeps who'll take up the challenge together me hehe:

1. Wiz, my sugarpaste sifu! Woot!
2. Maizura, my foodie gang and BBGS old girl!
3. Nora of Wangsa Maju...if you want hampers, you can approach this lady!
4. Maizatul
5. Lyein of

and so, that's it for now! We'll have to slot another session!

....btw am having goosebumps already!Huwaaa!

# We will have a few other Macarons sessions in April! Let me sort out my schedule and post here of the dates, woo hoo! Tqs peeps!


Wiz said...

Nak Join!!! but will notify you later k coz I need to check with my schedule first. Yey!!!

LifeBloom said...

I pun nak join!!! Twit!!! Count me in :D...tak yah tunggu laduree...laduyani dah ada!

tina_bakes said...

yeay!! you go, girl!!

mrs plain-june said...

am sure going to join in.. after i made my own 1st batch that is, insyaallah..

Madam Tai Tai No More said...

Congrats on embarking this new endeavour! May there be many more to come.

I'm not a kitchen diva or kitchen anything, Yani. Just someone who loves to eat what you cook in your kitchen. :-)

I wish you all the best and I'm certain this first class will be a hit!

Shahieda said...

BOO HOO!! Am too far away to attend! But have fun ok :)


Wah! The next step and the next. I think I can see the HUGE LEAP! Best go girl!

KG said...

wiz, lifebloom, tina, ju, mtt,shaheida, pu3....i know you all are behind me...tqs much xox!

Fashion Clicks said...

hi..nak tanya..mcm mana klu nak order red velvet cake or cupcakes dri u? pls quote price & also nak pick up kt mana..or do u do delivery? mail me at

Ana Rashid said...

yani, next class insyaAllah nak join. kalau raihanah nak tag along, kena bayar for her, too ke???

Emily said...

Hi KG!
Do let me know if another sunday class is available. Best will be in the afternoons, sunday mornings are 'visit-the-wet-market-once-a-week' thingy... ;(

Having been enjoying myself visiting your blog!

I have a book-give-away here if any ladies are interested:

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