Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tiger Prawn Fried With Fresh Turmeric

It has been a while since I last posted  a recipe of what I cooked! I have discovered a new territory...baking that is. But I still cook, yes I do! And due to the time constraint, usually the dishes that I prepared were very basic, fuss free, with all ingrediants that are avialable and as easy as ABC to prepare! Can't fret, I haven't got time for that!

I am really behind time to send in an article for an online magazine, but I will do that and post the recipe here. It would be something easy to prepare, healthy and kids will enjoy. Well! They have approached me on that basis that I have 6 children and I fed my children well! Ha! Ha! Yes, but of course there were times that we settled for McDonalds or take away pizzas or Lebanese rice or Hainanese Chicken Rice! You can't have all!

Anyway, here's what I prepared last Sunday to go along my Fish (Jenahak, looks and taste like Red Snapper but it is greyish blue in colour) )Curry..... 

500g tiger prawn, cleaned
2 inches fresh turmeric, it is an antioxident, anticancer
1 tsp salt
1 inch fresh ginger
4 cloves garlic
1 medium onion....never used shallots for a long time, they are way too expensive!
2 cili padi (birds eye chili)
2 tbsp cooking oil
2 stalks spring onion
2 medium tomatoes, of course they are natural food enhancers!

Using a mortar and pestle (cewah! batu tumbuklah!) pound ginger, garlic, chili and salt to form a fine paste. Coat prawns with this paste. Heat oil and fry onions, until fragrant. Add the marinated prawns, fry until the prawn is almost cooked, you don't want to let it dry. Sprinkle spring onions and sliced tomatoes, turn off heat. Serve with rice and fish curry ...of course!

And I had my earl grey tea, while playing with Muhammad and Hajar that afternoon!



Tina said...

darling, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am lovin' your photography!! and your entries yang 'bersahaja' of course!!lapaq!!

LifeBloom said...

Like the mug :D!

fiza said...

kak yani, mmg best masuk blog you ni pagi2...bagi i good mood & bersemangat..nasib baik i dah masak, nasik lemak & sambal udang, kalau tak, buat leleh air liur je..

KG said...

tina...nilah entry mcm kena kejar askar jepun! terkejar kejar!

KG said...

zura life bloom...my fav mug!

KG said...

fiza....oh oh tqs! bak mai nasi lemak tu sikit!yeah it's also heartwarming your beautiful cake pics!


nasib baik terkejar2 macam askaq jepun tapi tak kena tembak.hahahahha
hidup terkejar2 la happening! NOT!hahahhahahahha

KG said...

putri...yelah tu tercungap cungap ambik napas!:p

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