Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Bakes and Cakes

Time for thank yous!
9 pieces Hantaran(engagement gift) cupcakes. It was rather a last minute order, so I decided to do this robbon roses (picit-picit and roll, roll) that I learnt in my first sugarpaste class with Wiz!
The theme was gold and pink...and I loved the daisies and sugarpaste ribbon as well...and how can we live without these blossoms...thank you Rini!
Some Macarons for Mastura and Rabia...Green tea, Chcocolate, Vanilla Bean and Strawberry Nesquik with assorted fillings! Thank you Rabia, Mastura!
Rabia also ordered this Marble Nutella cake....
....and this Red Velvet Cake. Thank you, too, to Nita for ordering this Red Velvet Cake!
16 pieces Red Velvet Cuppies! Thank you Mastura!


aZeeMaH said...

salam.klu nak order red velvet cuppies tu camna ek?


KG said...

azeemah, tqs for dropping by! just email me at tq!

MANISAH said...

Salam perkenalan, I have been following your jottings ever since I stumbled upon it somewhere last year. Your blog has injected the drive to bake in me. Thanks for that (***applause to you***). My question: how did you get to bake marble nutella cake that really looks so yummy? I tried once and I got an almost bingka like cake :-((. I'll keep trying to bake that. Psst actually I tried baking another marble cake recipe using yogurt and got an even more surpressed bingka (I think the temperature was not right). Akan cuba juga nanti buat lagi. In the mean time, happy baking to you.

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