Sunday 1 February 2009

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff...It's All Small Stuff...

I once read this book....Don't Sweat The Small Stuff, It's All Small Stuff by Richard the title of the book, the content is really about not being worked up by small issues and taking it easy ....and chill, because upon a close look, the issues are really not a big deal.

I remember when in my second job after graduating,I worked in a bank, I was assigned to assess people's or rather companies' credit rating and put up a memo, recommending a financing package to the management. (It was by choice that I was not going to be sent to the Legal Division, then.) Even though I have assessed their financial standing through P&L and Balance Sheet, cashflows and financial ratios, and eventually got my recommendation to be approved, I would return home and be worried sick. That time, there was only Khadijah, and because I would be stressed out thinking about this and whether the loan would turn bad and go NPL (non-performing), I would let out my anger and tantrum on guess who....darling hubby and poor Khadijah!!! I was a real worry-pot. Of course, I was not a "happy" and cheerful person I should have been....

Years passed, I moved on and joined the present organisation....that time I was assigned to deal with legal corporate matters. And because the company was going through a massive reorganisation and corporate exercise, I was working almost all the days in a week, and returning home at 9.30-10 at night earliest.....I couldn't sweat the small stuff anymore, what more having a boss who have shouted at me and the whole floor could hear...about her, she's a evil boss but a darling friend (whose invitation to lunch or coffee I will accept, but not to ever work with her!), up until the mid last year was still trying to get me to work with her....

I have decided that I would live one day at a time, life is too short, too precious a time to be wasted over small trivial matters...and rupanya, there was such a book that captures how I have sweat over all those small stuff....and that's how I live myself nowadays cross the bridge when you get to it, and am definitely much happier now!!

The above picture of me and DH was captured by Khadijah when we went to Ikea to choose study chairs for Ibraheem and Yusof, DH got upset because I refuse to sit and get a feel of the chair he wanted to buy...ah well, don't sweat the small stuff....Dh was ok after we dined!!


Naz in Norway said...

Another saying goes *don't worry about the small stuff, settle the big ones first. Once the big ones are ok, the small stuff will take care of themselves*

Mama Huptihup said...

bagi i pulak..kalau x settle benda kecik nnt yg kecik blh jadi besau..bila dah besau, i lagi lah panic kan haha...a small hole in a ship can sink it u know :D...hehe no wonderlah i ni stress memanjang!!

LifeBloom said...

Salam Yani - pleasantly suprised to find you here - lovely blog and even lovelier recipes...:-D. I have that book "Dont Sweat the Small Stuff" - great reminder of how to let go the nitty gritties AND be okay with it. Sadly the author passed away - prematurely - last year and Oprah interviewed the wife and 2 girls.

Take care!

KG said...


true..rahsia kita nampak muda selalu...angkat bakul sendiri!


dulu i anak sorang dua, i selalu stress, now anak dah nak setengah dozen, ayo...i better take care of myself happy all the time!


the surprise is definitely pleasant, will visit yours, too...btw i ada mention pasal you in one my postings..

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