Friday 6 February 2009

Anak oh Anak!!

I have just reached office and before I start the day, I better let out what's in this chest....

I just came back from Melawati Police Station and Pejabat Pendaftaran Negara, Melawati...Khadijah lost her wallet, hence, her Mykad and some money (RM130++)(Siapa suruh bawak all those to school? I have always thought that the Mykad (esp) is always left at home, when she is in school, when I asked her for it to safekeep, she refused). I had to settle all that this morning as today she has to submit her PMR form...I tak tahu pun about this, and a copy of the Mykad is a must!Phew, rather than being upset, and coupled with termengah mengah ni, I try to be cool...tapi dalam hati mengamuklah jugak!

Yesterday, I finished my meeting at around 5.45, decided to stay a bit to catch up on certain not FB or this house, the network and internet was very intermittent yesterday...thought I waited until after Maghrib solat before I leave for home, but Khadijah called me at 7.20 using Liza's handphone (a very close friend who lives around the area of her school).

She said, "Mom, you forgot to fetch me from school!" She had her house practise yesterday afternoon...and I felt bad, so I shut down my notebook and head straight to my car...bawak kerita pun macam I nak terberanak coz Khadijah has her tuition at 8pm. I asked her to follow Liza to her house, but I thought why didnt she call me!!?? nak marah jugak ni!

Once in front of Liza's house, I just honked the car for her to get in, no time to borak with Liza...Once, Khadijah stepped into the car, she said, " Mom, I lost my wallet, etc", I dah fuming dah,"No wonder you didnt call me", tak pelah. Then she said, " and I have to submit my PMR form tomorrow", my .....I dah naik darah, thinking of the things that I have to do to get the temporary Mykad....

This mummy tried to maintain her cool, and decided that we would go home for me to perform my solat, have dinner, shower and get to the Balai Polis. Once sampai rumah, Yusof asked Khadijah why she was late, she didnt blame but instead said that she lost her wallet and all the stories about the Mykad....Yusof's reply was, " Habislah you, dad sure marah".

All the kids including cheeky and noisy Hajar were very sober, sombre mood would be a better description!

After all that I teringat about my friend Mrs N's stories about Kantoi and her daughter....hai anak oh anak!!

The good thaing so far about the incident is that Khadijah was very diligent last night, she picked up all the laundry and put them downstairs, tolong angkat my groceries from Pasar Kecil Melawati (dah jadi mini market after more than 14 years I shopped kat situ)and my notebook this morning. She also happily played with Hajar while we had breakfast this morning...kalau tidak dia macaam nak makan aje adik dia tu....Hopefully all this kindness stay forever!

Tulah kerenah my children...

Yusof's favorite phrase bila balik sekolah...."Makcik, hari ni mummy masak apa?" Yusof, I can say has a good voice and aspires to compete in Akedami Fantasia 13 and nak kahwin dgn anak orang kaya, he has earmarked one of Sham's daughters!!

Ibrahim pulak, bila balik sekolah will ask Makcik..."Makcik, dah asar ke belum?" (Yusof and Ibraheem finishes school at 4pm, and Ibraheem is a bit of an ustaz, tapi loves singing and dancing!!??)

Umar, every morning without fail will have his breakfast first before taking his shower and getting ready to school and everyday also without fail will ask, "Mom, today cuti tak?"Bukan I yang cuti, but whether he doenst have to go to school?

Hajar, is the little toddler, very girly in dressing, but very boistrous, eats whatever the family eats, now learning to utter a few words like ba (bird), and will scream her head off whenever we get in the car and leave her behind (she nak ikut) and will say,"Maaakcik (my maid)" or "Daaaddy"! She cannat say mama or mummy...hmm penat mak dia carry dia for 38+ weeks dulu!

And Khadijah, come weekened will ask me, "Mom, can we go to Borders?" or "Are you going to KLCC/Pavi, can I follow you"...she pikir mak dia dok office dok cap duit kot!!

And before I forget, this tiny one in the womb has started giving me signs from his flutters!!


Madam Tai Tai Again said...


Can help but infer from your statement 'this tiny one in the womb has started giving me signs from his flutters!!', that you are expecting another...BOY! Great!

Formerly known as Superwomanwannabe! said...

KG- sabar je...!

Anak-anak , woit anak anak....your children sound so cute...

Boy yang baru dah tunjuk perangai ke...

Mama Huptihup said...


I can see you stress...dgn penat2 balik keja kelam kabut nak deal dgn masalah khadija....Oh I will definitely blow haha...lucky her u sabaqqqq....but so sweet la dia mcm nak ambil hati u, buat keja and main dgn adik dia..bdk2 ni pandai sebenarnya :D...and yusuf being typical boy lah nak takutkan the sister!!

iL4na said...

hi kak yani, nak link u up boleh? congratulation also on the latest pregnancy ^__^

Naz in Norway said...

Hi Yani!
choooooooobaan! hihi!
love ya!

Charms Allure said...

Hi Yani..

Dah update blog. I baru tau ni!! Congratulations!!

KG said...


Asal semua selamat, alhamdulillah!


Tulah pasal, si kecik ni pun dah paham.


I can sum up anak lelaki kecik kecik kembunglah, demamlah, lasaklah...and girls easy like a breeze, bila besaq...emotional torture!


thx for visiting, selalu tgk yr blog...admire you makan kuat tapi sekeping...tapi si tua ni jugaklah yang nak beranak lagi..tap pa you're muda trang tang tang.


cubaaan tapi bab bab anak ni stress sikit!

jewel garland,

i dok ingat you all yg dok trying...i pulak yg sangkut, rezeki!

wanshana said...


I can see a lot of Khadija in my own Hanna. Lepas kena marah - sikit punya baik and well-behaved and boleh dapat award "The Best Sister/Daughter in the World"!. Tapi, sekejap ajer lah tapinyer :)

And then kalau gi shopping, semua benda nampak dia nak. Mengalahkan mak dia! Hehehe!

I agree with SW - your kids sound so cute with all their different ragam :)

Harap bersabar :)

KG said...


rasa macamana MrsN rasa waktu Kantoi Kantoi stores...gerammmm!

betul betul, dulu i nak mintak apa apa pun tak berani, takut mak bapak cant afford...budak sekarang ingat I ni BNM!

tireless mom said...

Dear KG

Alahai, cute nya your children. Memang tak menang tangan. Dah 7 nanti lagi lah tunggang langgang kan. Bila dah tunngang langgang cam tu, selalu I counter check balik, eh ada yang yg missing ke... Hope you didnt have that much of hassle kat the police station and Jabatan Pendaftaran.

Breakaway said...

Os Boy ke?I know tak habis habis with the kids..Dugaan and amanah Allah..

MrsNordin said...

Heh... heh... and I thought you're a cool mum!

You all seemed ok when I saw you at Shila's. Tak sempat pulak nak tanya update. So did you do the laksa johor? I was so tempted to drop by coz I love laksa johor, but segan lah pulak. Next time, ok?

KG said...

Mrs N,

Yes i made laksa johor y'day...SW and hub came, we all makan dgn should have just joined us, tak de siapa budak budak gi sekolah, the school tak observe thaipusam time, k!

The Hand That Holds The Quill... said...

Kak Yani,

Congratulations on ur latest pregnancy! :) Seronok tgk family anak ramai. If pregnancy/labor is a breeze for me, I think I'd go for 10 minimum...! Best anak ramai ni.

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