Monday 23 February 2009


This week I will still be under the lack of time spell...have to finalise another document, just got instruction from Procurement and Network...However, I must put this post up...hah lega, my attempt at baking the choux pastry I learnt last week, was a success (albeit I have to perfect the consistency of the shape and attempt the swans), here's the picture of the profiteroles that I made for Mrs N...hmm harap nobody muntah muntah or sakit perut after makan them! Nantilah BJ next time I'll do the eclairs pulak.

Next weekend is going to be another baking weekend. After I dropped the divinely delicious (angkat bakul sendiri) off at Mrs N's house yesterday, I went to GEM to drop off Khadijah and Yusof there. They were supposed to meet their friends Ryana and Rozreen, whose parents are close friends of ours, who had a booth selling home decoration stuffs made from kayu kayan (Nazri's expertise) and costume jewellery made from polymer clay (Lyn's hands are masters in this). Nazri also makes doll houses! We had a supposedly quick but became long chat with Lyn and Nazri and left. At around 10 last night Lyn called asking if she could order some cupcakes for their event there on the weekend of 28th! She wants to sell the cupcakes I that made and brought for her lunch (also nasi lemak bungkus and kueh mueh from Mak Jah's stall yang I beli) yesterday me the cupcakes were no brainer soo simple nothing fancy, but.....rezeki jangan di tolak...bismillahhirahmanirraheem...ok Lyn, we'll do it for you! Here's a picture of Khadijah and Rozreen at Lyn's booth!

Have a fruitful week ahead!XOXO


MrsNordin said...

The profiteroles were delicious! Sekejap je lenyap from the table! Nasib baik I sorokkan one container, kalau tidak, tak merasa.

Thanks again, Yani. Keep on baking!

Mama Huptihup said...

sedapnya....bilalah dapat buat benda2 ni semua....sigh..

tireless mom said...

Dear KG

The profiteroles look sinfully temptous and dah make my taste bud mouth watery. If you make lots and sell sure generate profit like the name.

KG said...


Next time boleh order lagi!


Nanti datang zooview, kita buat sama-sama.


Ha ha, since i suka buat the generate profit bit tak palah! Tak pa, manalah tahu if ada makcik bliggers meetg again, i'll make some for all!

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Oh my goodness..sedapnya....teringinnye, recipe ada ni hah, buat nak buatnya malas sungguh...alahai..

KG said...


just give it a shot, i had to buat cepat cepat after i learnt last week, tu pun the first dough tak jadi!!! the one tt i made was 3rd attempt, it's quite easy but the mixing of eggs into the tepung, milk, water and butter mixture if without a mixer, needs a strong hand!sooo, hubby said this year no handbag for me, but a kenwood mixer, ha ha!
p/s if you want i can make for you, tell me when and where!

Lee said...

Hi, anymore of those delicious cakes? Bet you must be very good at baking, huh?

Noticed Starbucks in the picture...believe it or not, I have never stepped into one nor minum their coffee.
Prefer to make my own, ha ha.
You have a nice day. By the way, wich one is you in the gambar? Lee.

Madam Tai Tai Again said...


Tengok aje pun dah tau they are delicious. Ni fav dessert I ni.. (well...with me semua desserts sure suka one!).

Wish I was your child or neighbour or even maid (hmm..not really, actually), sebab for sure dah merasa wonderful things from your kitchen!

KG said...

Uncle Lee,

Saya tak ada dlm gambar tulah, hi hi! I used to be a coffee lover but now trying to refrain, not good for my complexionlah!

KG said...


Bila lagi balik M' time for MrsN's next b'day? Bila you balik nanti, I'll make some for us all to enjoy, actually I tak rasa pun, coz I prefer savoury dessert to the sweet ones! But Haq said it melts in his mouth...saja aje bagi you terliur lagi!

Naz in Norway said...

hop over to my blog to get your award!

Madam Tai Tai Again said...

YANI - I TERLIUR SANGAT NI!!!!!!! Tak aci.

Waterlily said...


Was reading your earlier entry where you went over to Safura's to learn the cream puff et al. I am interested indeed to join her cooking class, how to go about it ya?

Btw, the profiteroles look yummy!

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