Monday, 9 May 2011

Be Bold, Be Different, Be Pink....Pink Velvet Cake

...and so it was Mother's Day and my Birthday yesterday! Of course I didn't plan for any birthday celebrations except that I wanted to make this cake and make some macarons! However, it was a very merry weekend and my FIL and BIL and my parents and Kay and hubby turned up to join the modest celebration, somewhat...with us! Great!!

I woke up on Sunday morning very early (as usual) to finish a cake and ice my Pink Velvet Cake! Yes, Pink Velvet cake and filled my Dusky Pink Italian Meringue Macarons! I made Nasi Lemak (Rice cooked in coconut milk using Basmathi rice) and Sambal Bilis (anchovies cooked in chilli paste).

We, including FIL and Khairul (Ib's bestie) finished almost the entire pot of rice! Hubs took the children to swim, while I cleaned up, bathed and send some cake and macarons to Zira! Later....we went to Porto Romano for some pasta and pizzas, before my mak and ayah and Kay and her hubs came to join for tea....and guess what was for tea!?? Ubi Rebus with Sambal Bilis and Mangoes from Vietnam (Yeop brought them from his recent trip) and fresh Nangka (Jackfruit) from Kay's home! Nothing was left when everyone left except a few slices of the cake and some macarons!

And today I'm on leave, Aunty Roopa has taken leave to bring her mom to the, I'm left with the kiddos, did some more cleaning up, made some macarons for Mactweet, prepared dinner and am making Gina's Steamed Fruit Cake and reply emails when this little ones took their naps! Of course am watching a DVD as well later, of those rare occasion where I got to veg up on the bed with the little ones and do nothing!'s Pink Velvet Cake....recipe from Australian Women's Weekly April 2011! 
125g butter, at room temperature
330g caster sugar
2 eggs
225g plain flour
2 tbsp cornflour
2 tbsp cocoa powder
250ml buttermilk
1 tbsp rose pink food colouring, I used 1 tsp and added a bit of gel colour
1 tsp distilled vinegar
1 tsp bicarbonate soda
1 tsp vanilla extract
50g dessicated coconut for frosting
1.Preheat oven at 170Celcius. Grease two 22cm round cake tins.
2.Beat butter, vanilla, sugar and eggs until light and fluffy.
3.Stir in sifted flours, cocoa and the combined buttermilk and food colouring, in two batches.
4.Combine vinegar and bicarbonate soda and let it fizz, and then fold in the cake mixture.
5.Divide the mixture into two pans, and bake for about 35 minutes.

Mascarpone Frosting
250g cream cheese
160g icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
250g mascarpone cheese
300ml thickened cream

Beat cream cheese, mascarpone cheese, sugar and vanilla until well combined, then, beat in the cream.

Well! I made my ordinary cream cheese topping using philly cheese and later coated the cake with dessicated coconut and sprinkle with some silver dragees on the cake, hehe...I used whatever there were at home!
I also made this macarons using the Italian meringue method...I just can't get enough of the smooth texture...and I must say that the taste is contrary to what I have thought! The sweetness is bearable and I love love the crunchiness of the outer shell...of course, the inner part is still chewy and soft....mmmm....totally enjoyed them with Italian Meringue Buttercream and drops of Three Berry Jam that MIL brought from her December trip to NZ!The smooth shell made me felt like a pro macaron maker, hehe!
And guess what? Wiz appeared on late Saturday evening to deliver this gorgeous cake with a lippy....tqvm Whiz! Hubby gave a new ring, hehe with a sheepish smile I said thank you! and my sister gave me this key chain that has sisterly notes...I am blessed! Can't thank God enough for this lovely people around....and of coourse.....we had this late lunch yesterday! 
Hubs wanted to bring us all to Delicious, but it was fully booked! But Porto Romano......we just love all the pasta and pizza spread there! And FIL had Seafood Paella...sedaaap!Never had paella ever since I returned home from UK...

So! Let's pray for a long life for another Mother's day and Birthday next year:p 


Edi said...

wah... so so merry! u are surrounded by so much love around u kak yani! abg haq tu romantik ler.... dahla selalu beli bunga... lucky u!

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Yanie,
Better late than never, eh? So, HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! purrr....meow!

ummisara said...

kak yani...

happy birthday dear...

i celebrated my 12th wedding anniversary yesterday :)

KG said...

edi...where would i be without beautiful people like you!tq tq tq!

KG said...

cat...tq tq tq....meow!

KG said...

edelweiss...tq and congrats!i still hv some macarons if you want :p

kay_leeda said...


We were so glad to be (secara tak sengaja..he he) in the celebration. My many thanks for the superb food and great company too!!

Next time you bring the kids to my place pulak yea :))

Anonymous said...

hehehe sheepish smile, can it be translated to senyum kambing. Show la the bling2 so we can wink wink.

Happy Birthday Yanie. I had the lipstick lama dah, like I said bought extra(on sale) for girlfriends. Since on sale not many colours yg tinggal, so sorry if you dont like the colour. I always mix the dark coloured lipstick with my bright red( also terbeli masa sale) so the tone jadi just nice, one of a kind.

fiza said...

happy belated birthday k.yani...!ermmm nyum nyum..!!

Tina said...

Happy birthday once again, and go pink!! love the macs...sangat cantik and the cake looks delish!!

LifeBloom said...

What a lovely2x post - I only as a reader was left fuzzy and warm - you SO deserve the love and affection - you bring so much love and happiness unto others...May Allah SWT bless you dear !!

P/S Sura mentioned late one Saturday late June - ok ka? which one you pick :D

KG said...

kay...your presence made the party more merry!

KG said...

wiz...i can only hint...rupa sama mcm the fondant bows that i make! i put on the lippy today campur ano bright colour...wah so vogue one! tqtqtq!

KG said...

fiza....tqtq! pi try pink velvet'll be forever smitten!

KG said...

tina....think am an italian meringue convert now!tqs!

KG said... pun sama...lampu dan suara yang menerangi dan mengalun irama! roger tt date in june, will txt you ya!hmm can't wait for this kind of masakmasak moment!

Cilantro said...

Hi Yani,

I wish you a very happy belated birthday!!! Enjoy presents every moment & be happy….What a pleasant surprise, my birthday is also on the 8th May. My FLY celebrated my birthday and mother’s day in Ole Ole Bali. We had a good time too!!!!

Take care!

KG said...

tqs still witing for you to come and learn to make macarons!

shaz said...

Happy belated birthday and Mother's day to you Kak! Have to make your own birthday cake ke? Actually, I always do too:) The macarons are gorgeous Perfect and gorgeous, well done!

mamadnd said...

i terbyg nasi lemak u yg sedaappp tu!! bile lah nk merasa lagi...uhukksss

Tunku Putri Afifah said...

Kak Yani. Was away in HCMC masa your birthday! Happy Belated birthday and yes, mangga kat vietnam enormous, as was the buah nona, ciku, semua gigantic.hehe..tanah delta mekong mmg subur..errr the pink velvet tak pink pun?hehehhe

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