Friday, 16 December 2011

Fairy Cakes!

....think by now you would have guessed that I simply love Butter or Vanilla, Victoria Sandwich Cakes or simply Fairy Cakes...they are all variations of Butter Cakes! They are dead simple to make, the kind that you can whip after dinner and enjoy soon after, and most of all they are not pretentious, plain yet not boring! 

I made this sometime last week, didn't have time to try a more complicated recipe as I was busy making macarons...well, they were not that many macarons, but enough to occupy my nights before I hit my sack!

I took this recipe from Nigella's How To Be  A Domestic Goddess book, but I use a different recipe for my Vanilla or Butter Cake orders. This recipe is for those who are in a rush, as you can simply throw all the ingredients in the mixer or blender...I have a friend who uses a blender to make this dainty cakes, or like me I like to whip them using my old wooden spatula!

250g butter, soft
250 sugar
250 self raising flour
4 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla
2 or 3 tbsp milk
a pinch of salt, I added

If using a food processor, just dump all the ingredients and whisk at medium speed until the batter is creamy and all the ingredients are incorporated. Do not overbeat or you'll work the protein in the flour and the cake will be "liat"!

Otherwise, like me who used the traditional me method, cream the butter and sugar and vanilla, add eggs one by one ( I dont usually beat the eggs vigorously at this stage, too much bubble will create too much air in your cake, hence, a dry cake!), add sifted self raising flour in 3 additions and last add the milk. 

Bake at 160C for about 20 minutes, if baked in this cute paper cups, or longer if baked in loaf tin.

Here's some scenes in Ayer Baloi, hub's cousin's wife's side came to bersanggar on the way to the pengatin lelaki's house!


Guess whose toes are these!!??

The bikes that accompany the pengantins!

A normal scene in the kitchen (almost done!) That weekend I spent about 70% of my time apart from my sleeping time here!

Khadijah on the new deck that is still w.i.p!

Mak Arah's Nasi Lemak breakfast on Sunday before we returned to KL! Her Sambal Bilis is da best! 

I made some macarons last week, and no cakes!

Some of the macarons that I made for kenduri aqiqah, thank you Azrina!

...and this were some macarons for The Dessert Table's kenduri doa selamat, thank you Farida! Last week's macaron fillings were, Macadamia Brittle with Caramel, Salty Peanut Butter, Cookie Dough Buttercream, Raspberry White Choc Ganache and Passion Fruit White Choc Ganache!

Have a nice weekend you alls, I will be busy preparing for next week's bakes this weekend and next week as most orders are for gifts for friends and relatives celebrating X'mas!


LifeBloom said...

Even at 2 in the morning I am salivating!!

Edi said...

oh cantiknya kitchen baru!! ade island!! am SO JELOUS!!!

tu kaki sapa? khadijah ke?

Unknown said...

I tried this recipe many2 times. I loved how wonderful they turned out each time. My kids love baking with me and this simple and always jadi punya is recipe works for me. Thanks to you for sharing and nigella for coming up with it. Only thing is how do you make your cupcakes so uniform?

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