Thursday, 29 December 2011

That Joie De Vivre

You know I was talking about our Ayer Baloi abode....we decided to drive back last Saturday, after attending a dear friend's nephew's wedding reception... Dr Wafiy is no longer a chubby boy I use to know, he's now married!!

The reception was in Kak Nabilla's house in Shah Alam, and boy, what a traffic we had to drive through before we got to the gates of that joie de vivre....5 hours instead of the usual 3 hours (max)! Luckilly it was drizzling and raining the weather was cool, and the little ones Hajar and Muhammad were sleeping throughtout the journey....I too, slept!

Once we arrived, I unloaded my stuff...err err baking stuff, cleaned the kitchen, while hubs and fil went to get some Tomyam and Fried Rice from our usual gerai tomyam...I didn't do any baking till the next day!

I had baked Rima's Black Forest Cake the night before, so, after breakfast on Sunday, I decided to prep and finish assembling that cake. I call this cake shabby messy cake....I didn't have a spatula to do the topping nicely, but, this cake was divine. It was very different from my memory of the Black Forest Cake that I had from Batu Pahat, those days...the taste was real! Sour and a tad bitter, but nice!

...and we had this for supper and breakfast and lunch! A Berries Tart that I ordered from the wonderful bubbly Sherina! Well, the tart was supposed to last till the bbq on Sunday, but hey who could resist...even fil was asking for more!

I made this Butterscotch Congo Bars, which was a bit dry, I left it in the oven a tad too long!

...and made this Cream Cheese and Lychee macarons! Heavenly!

Khadijah preparing garlic bread!

Ann and Izul, on the night of the bbq!

Hmm...special guests!  Cik Min!...and her family decided to drop by.....also Dianne, another food blogger whose inlaws are from Benut! They really made my day! We ate and we yacked till almost midnight!

After the bbq!

New wooden windows! I thought the works in progress were only in the kitchen...nah...they are all over the house!

Vintage mirror from Rengit!

Clockwise, Ketupat Nasi, Lepat Loi and Burasak....bought this for dinner on Monday...the food there was so good, so much so I was always hesitant to cook, they were better off bought from the warungs and they were cheap too!

We left that joie de vivre at around 5.30 am on Tuesday, arrived at 8am, I filled this macarons and left for office! Cinnamon Coffee Macaronswith Salted Caramel and Lemon Zest with Lemon Black Pepper Ganache, made for The Dessert Table's photoshoot and their appearance in Rasa Magazine in March! tqs Farida! 

I want to go back to that joie de vivre! That's all I can say!


Unknown said...

burasak??? hey beli kat mana???didnt know kat sini pun ada jual.. rindu nak mkn huhu...kalau balik Tawau je br dpt mkn...

Cikmin said...

wehooooo...hari2 duk bukak blog ni..finally..ekekek..weols pun enjoy sangat2 in ayer baloi..terasa nak datang lagi..lagi..dan lagi... :)

p/s thanks for the warm hospitality you and your family.. *hugs*

cahya indah said...

that Black Forest Cake looks yummy, auntie KG.

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