Wednesday 11 February 2009

Yani Went Berserk In The Kitchen Last Weekend....

My Saturdays have always been very hectic...head to pasar tani after solat subuh, get the kids ready for breakfast and ustaz will arrive at 8.30, I will take a breather if not prepare lunch siap-siap, or send Khadijah for her co-co at school, send Yusof for his tuition, lepak kejap while waiting for lunch....and get Umar and Ibraheem ready for Lorna Whiston and also make sure Khadijah have her lunch and send her off to french class...

Last Saturday, I teringat nak makan cupcakes by Wondermilk. I lurve their vanillas, hubby thinks I'm very kampung, I call myself as classic...sounds better eh!So, after we settled Umar, Ibraheem (in TTDI)and Khadijah (in Pusat Bandar Damansara), we head straight to Wondermilk in Damasara Utama, I had one vanilla cuppa and tuna toastie with hot latte...hilang kempunan.

Mak called and said she, Anis and Nadia will be spending the weekened with us sebab Monday is a public holiday due to, apa nak masak ye? Hubby said, senang buat roast chicken (which recipe I tak yahlah letak, anyone can make roast chicken...but I prefer to marinade the chicken with fresh rosmary, some mustard and worchestershire sauce and a bit of honey..and stuff with a green apple(learnt this from Sham to make the chicken juicy!), we made 2 roast chickens..tak sempat nak ambik gambar to post here, they are all gone. Had it with garlic bread (slice french loaf, sapu with garlic butter, tabur italian herbs)roasted potatoes and fresh butterhead lettuce and baby carrots...yum sangat sangat(angkat bakul sendiri!)

Anis and Nadia are my younger sister's only children, my sister is a double doctor (medical doctor and Phd doctor) and she so lurve books, dari kecik sampai sekarang study and buat research tak habis the kesian her girls, always lepak at my place whenever they can and if Mak Tok nak drive over. So, that night after dinner I thought I bake cuppas (senang ma!) with Anis...Nadia is fast becoming her mother, tenggelam in books, she'd rather go through Khadijah's story books upstairs! So, I made the cuppas (using Nigella's sure jadi no fail recipe) and let Anis and Ibraheem to do the icing......the kids ngap half the cakes malam tu jugak and after watching High School Musical 3, the kids went to their tidorland soundly...

The next day, I woke up early to bersilat in the kitchen...I was to make nasi tomato and ayam masak merah for Superwomanwannabe's lunch/birthday makan for her Johan and Sara. Here's the recipe for Nasi Tomato and Ayam Masak Merah:

Nasi Tomato (for 16 pax)


1 kg beras basmathi (or 5 pot sukat tin susu), wash, soak for 15 mins, drain and set aside
200 gm tomato puree (I like to use Du Chef or Hunts, not so sour), otherwise you can use tomato paste but kurangkan and add in blended fresh tomatoes (2 medium)
1/2 cup ghee, for tumis
1/2 cup cooking oil...habislah arteries all clogged up!, for tumis
rempah tumis...basically corriander seed, anis and cinnamon bark, for tumis
daun pandan...shread and simpul, for tumis
2 medium onions, finely sliced, for tumis
to blend...2 medum onions, 5 cloves garlic, 2 inch ginger, for tumis
1/3 evap milk, I love Ideal milk..lemak berkrim..mmm


1. Heat ghee and oil, tumis the sliced bawang merah, daun pandan and rempah tumis first..until fragrant and golden colour.
2. Add in the blended mix of onion, garlic and ginger..until fragrant and golden.
3. Add in the tomato puree, tumis until pecah minyak on slow fire.
4. Add water, 7 1/2 sukat tin susu and evap milk...let it to a good boil, add salt to taste.
5. Add the basmathi rice...last time in Aber I used long grain...sedappp
6. Lift from stove and cook in electric rice cooker...bila air kering you can add mint leaves or raisins..I used raisins this time, lupa nak beli mint leaves...leave to cook, if sangsi takut tak masak, cover with corning pinggan...inshaallah masak cantik beras sebiji sebiji...

Ayam Masak Merah (somehow, Nasi Tomato goes very well with this dish!)

1 chicken, potong 16, clean, and marinade with garam and serbuk kunyit, deep fry, drain minyak and leave aside
2 onions, finely sliced, for tumis
rempah tumis, anis, corriander seed and cinnamon bark
to blend, 2 onions, 4 cloves garlic and 1 inch ginger
1/2 cup blended dried chilly, depends on your taste, if you want it pedas, add more
1/2 cup chilly sauce
1/4 cup tomato sauce
1/4 cup evap milk, leftover from the nasi tomato tadi
1 cup minyak for tumis...clogged lah lagi arteriesku!
corriander leaves or raisins, if you like to garnish


1. Tumis the sliced bawang and rempah tumis.
2. Add in the blended bawang, garlic and ginger until fragrant and golden.
3. Add in the blended chilly, fry until pecah minyak
4. Letak air assam jawa a bit.
5. Add the tomato and chilly sauce, sampai pecah minyak.
6. Add salt to taste and ayam goreng, mix well.
7. Add in the evap milk and raisins or corrander leaves.

I made acar timun, slice timun, pineapples and carrots and awang and red chilly with a dash of cuka padi and salt and sugar to go with the rice and ayam...

Made nasi for 40 pax, took it to SW's house, noticed the guests makan dengan gamaknya...also met Izreen, Lanotzz, Mrs N and Charms Allure there...Charms Allure sudah bukak booth and moi sudah beli 2 charm bracelets, ne black peral and one tourmaline....hai gaji tak masuk lagi. I asked Zu, kalua payment in kind boleh tak...go and makan my nasi tomato, he he...she just smiled!

That afternoon, we rushed leaving the kids at SW's house, to watch PGL the Musical...wont say much, except too much peluk peluk, feel pelik and geli when melayu melayu buat like that, I perefr the movie better...MNasir so deserve to be Hang Tuah yang gagah perkasa and macho...not S***p**n ..

Mak, Anis and Nadia left early on Kitchen Guardian ni got another agenda in the kitchen for's Laksa Johor!...Dah penat dah makan laksa johor orang lain buat, mahal tapi tak here's the recipe:

Laksa Johor


1 kg ikan kembung, prefers this tu tenggiri yang fleshy tapi tawar, clean and steam, take flesh only...the leceh part!
For paste: 120 gm rempah kari ikan Babas's; blend 4 large onions, 6 cloves garlic, 2 inch ginger, 5 stalks serai (only the soft part ah!); blend 3 inch isi ikan kurau, 5 ekor fresh prawns, about 20 gm dried prawns, 1 inch belacan
4 keping assam keping
2 inch lengkuas, ketuk
minyak untuk tumis
santan pekat from 3 biji kelapa...or depends whether you like it lemak sangat or not.
1 tablespoon kerisik


1. Panaskan minyak, tumis the blended bawang, garlic, ginger untyil fragrant.
2. Add in the rempah kari, tumis until pecah minyak.
3. Add in the blended isi ikan kurau, prawns and dired pawns, belacan...until garing
4. Pour in the coconut milk, letak lengkuas, assam keping and kerisik, boil on slow fire, add salt to taste.

Serve with sphagetti, the ulams will be timun, kacang panjang, daun selasih, daun kesum, bunga kantan, bawang besar and sambal belacan.....
SW and dr hubby dropped by to help us enjoy the laksa johor, they were dropping by my periuks from yesterday....Being a true Johorean, Jab had his laksa makan pakai tangan! Barulah berasa makan laksa johor buatan sendiri!!

They left for Low Yat and moi and hubby zzzz, what a bliss, lepas makan tidor coz my kids were all in school!


MrsNordin said...

I must say, hats off to you for cooking up a storm like that over the weekend. Semuanya yang susah2 pulak tu! Hai... untung Haq... :)

KG said...


Rasanya pembawakan budak jugak kot!

Naz in Norway said...

Khadijah pandai masak tak or mak dia tak kasi can masuk dapur..hihi! Teruklah siapa yang nak jadi menantu perempuan you nanti...mak mertua boleh buka restaurant, punya dasyatnya!
Love you, yani!

Mama Huptihup said...

kak yani KG,

I tak reti buat roast chicken..bak mai resepi as nasik tomato dgn ayam merah i dah tau kan...

u buat i lapaq pepagi buta ni..but since i tak tau nak msk a hari ni...i buat lah nasik tomato dgn ayam merah tu :D

ank u blajaq french? alahai...ank2 i sok nak blajaq apa pun i tak tau haha

KG said...


nampaknya "kuah i tak tumpah" pada khadijah..she'd rather makan all the kertas from her books ynag dia baca dari tolong i kat dapur..yang rajin mengacau i are ibraheem, yusof and umar!!?yusof lepaslah kalau nak goreng teluror make maggi for him and his brothres...

bukan i nak jadi MIL terpilih nanti, he he, but yusof is already complaining if my maid tak prepare his food like how i and he siap cakap my wife kena pandai masak assam pedans and curry mcm mummy!:)

KG said...


ok, nanti i post resepi roast chicken yang i belajarq from my sifu..tapi yang tu siap kena "berkas" (tie up) the chicken...yang i buat tu i main belasah aje!

Formerly known as Superwomanwannabe! said...

KG- mak I terror dan suka masak maaacam you tapi again kuah nye tak tumpah pada sapa sapa....sebab anak dara dia ashik masak buku romen je masa rasa rugi nye tapi I don't have the passion nor the talent for it- but I am ever willing to be invited over to tolong perabiskan heheheh.thanks for having us over, husband aku makan sampai 3 mangkuk punyalah.

Formerly known as Superwomanwannabe! said...

KG- mak I terror dan suka masak maaacam you tapi again kuah nye tak tumpah pada sapa sapa....sebab anak dara dia ashik masak buku romen je masa rasa rugi nye tapi I don't have the passion nor the talent for it- but I am ever willing to be invited over to tolong perabiskan heheheh.thanks for having us over, husband aku makan sampai 3 mangkuk punyalah.

Mama Huptihup said...

Kak Yani,

I reti buat roasted turkey ja..tu pun husband i yg ajaq...tak best sgt..kalau dpt resepi ala2 kenny rogers tu orait le haha...TQ sifu :D

Lee said...

Hi, love your callsign, 'Kitchen guardian'...and how fitting too.
You a gourmet cook, ha ha.
Happy cooking. Love your eloquence.
Best regards, Lee.

KG said...


Tak pa, you ada banyak talent lain, masak memasak tu biar i and jab buat!


Resepi roast chicken tu rekaan i , yg i belajarq from my sifu, kena ikat ayam tu semua,buat sauce semua...nantilah tang mana tak tau i letak resepi dia...tak mau bagi ajaran sesat kat you, hi hi!

Uncle Lee,

Thank you for drpping by...i ada banyak soalan utk you are mysterious guy!! And your ;posting are very interesting, but am challenged by time to finish reading all!

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Dear Kak Yani,

Bila tgk ur resipi nasi tomato, terus i nak try buat today..tq so much for sharing..wish me luck ok, as the last time i buat nasik agak seroi...i ni nak estimate air memeng kureng sikit, but i'll try..

U ada resipe roasted stuffed chicken tak?

KG said...

lyana, ida,

inshaallah i will post the roast chicken recipe...actually i nak tunjuk gambarq how to stuff the marinade under the chicken's skin and how i make the gravy, also the technique how to tie or keep the chicken feet close together...supay tak terkangkang mcm i selalu buat! nanti ek!

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